Construction company «SiF» functions as technical supervisor for construction and reconstruction of industrial and public objects of any complexity degree: plants, production premises, trade and business centers, car centers, storehouses and other objects of capital construction including the highly hazardous, technically complicated and unique construction projects. We will undertake cooperation with all the required organizations and authorities regarding technical issues on all the construction stages.

While investing into construction of industrial or civil object, the developer (Client-investor) often has no opportunity to undertake all the construction issues. In this case technical supervisor will assist who is a link between the Client-investor and construction contractors.

If the contract with technical supervisor is signed, the investor authorizes the supervisor to coordinate with all the required organizations and authorities regarding technical issues. The technical supervisor on behalf of the developer signs contracts with surveyors, designers and general contractor.

Services of the technical supervisor (or client-developer) for construction include:

  • Assistance in choice of land plots, objects for investment and execution of pre-invest researches, decisions regarding project development;
  • Obtaining and coordination of initial permission documents for design and construction (or reconstruction);
  • Registration of land plot and property issues and transfer of land plots into category;
  • Arrangement, management of stage of pre-project and design and estimate documents, its coordination and obtaining of a positive conclusion of state expert authorities;
  • Technical expert review of the existing engineering systems (power-, gas-, heat-, water-supply, waste water disposal and others) and obtaining of technical conditions for their connection;
  • Planning, arrangement and supervision of construction (reconstruction);
  • Decision making regarding general contractor, tender procedure, permits for construction;
  • Technical supervision of construction process and quality;
  • Execution of as-built documents and cooperation with supervising state authorities;
  • Assistance in decision making regarding maintenance;
  • Commissioning and state expert review, obtaining of conformance certificate.
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Also functions of technical supervisor include:

  • preparation of a task for surveyor and provision of required documents and materials;
  • working out of tasks and conditions for designers;
  • preparation and provision of the task to constructors;
  • approval and coordination by investor of design and estimate documents;
  • other services of technical supervisor according to the contract with developer.

During the whole construction period «SiF» as technical supervisor fulfills inspecting functions. The whole work cycle, from the very beginning to the end, is directly supervised by the client, and in this case the following is controlled:

  • observance of step-by-step schedule of works;
  • quality of materials used and their conformance with design task;
  • step-by-step spending of money according to the estimate and prevention of unreasonable excess expenditure.

After work completion including connection to city engineering systems the technical supervisor prepares documents required for commissioning of the object that provides afterwards to the Client. He also arranges work and staff of working commission that gives prior conclusion regarding readiness level of the object. In case of positive decision of the working commission the technical supervisor invites state authorities.

Technical supervisor is often compared to the orchestra director – so much coordination, many decisions, permissions, contracts and agreements are fulfilled. It goes without saying that technical supervision specialists have both special knowledge and skills and outstanding skills in management, production arrangement, complicated negotiations holding.

Technical supervisor’s services for management of construction projects will reduce to the minimum investor’s efforts. Whereupon addressing to our technical supervisor, the investor himself chooses his degree of participation in the project: he can control construction process fully, partially, or entrust «SiF» specialists with full support of the project on all the stages.

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