Construction company OOO «SiF» is a general contractor for construction and reconstruction of industrial and public commercial properties: plants, production premises, trade and business centers, car centers, storehouses and other objects of capital construction including the highly hazardous, technically complicated and unique construction projects.

Construction or reconstruction of any object includes fulfillment of many different types of work: design, geological prospecting work, construction and mounting, sanitary, electrical mounting, finishing, etc.. To hire separate work teams for each work type and to control their work is inefficient and difficult. That is why for execution of big construction projects, to hire General contractor is an ideal variant.

General contractor for construction is a main executor of all the construction works. If necessary, general contractor may involve subcontractors ensuring efficient cooperation of all subcontracting companies, specialists and material suppliers. In this case general contractor is fully responsible to the investing Client for execution of the project from the stage of its development to commissioning.

Company OOO «SiF» is a general contractor for construction that guarantees efficient management of all the works at construction site and consequential procedures.

For general contractor’s services OOO «SiF» has well-functioning business relations with mounting, repairing companies, manufacturers, suppliers of construction materials, and its own material and technical resources with its own construction machines, cargo-handling machines and trucks. It ensure sprompt solution of all management, industrial and logistics issues.

Services of general contractor are the following:

  • elaboration of design documents, their approval;
  • working out of general budget of construction, formation and deep elaboration of a cost estimate aimed at minimization of follow-up revision and changes;
  • working out plans and work schedules;
  • working out and approval of technical and as-built documents (work method statements, construction process plans, flow diagrams and regulations);
  • choice of subcontractors, arrangement and supervision of their activity;
  • choice of material- and equipment suppliers, provision of materials and equipment in due time;
  • control of time period and quality of construction and mounting works of any construction (reconstruction) cycle;
  • environment protection and labour safety measures;
  • preparation for handover of the object, handover of the object to the Client and acceptance committee according to regulations and standards, required documents;
  • commissioning of the object, handover to the operating companies.

Team of experienced managers of OOO «SiF» ensure coordinated work of subcontractors on all the stages of project execution.

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General contracting demands from the company professional skills, responsibility, honesty. It is achieved by ability to arrange coordinated team of different parties – coordinated work without down time and delays. It means that material, financial assets are used efficiently, non-controlled increase of construction cost estimate is excluded. The Client avoids extra costs, the work is fulfilled in due time that is rather rare nowadays.

OOO «SiF» is highly responsible while making a team. It consists only of reliable partner subcontractors with qualified branch specialists, modern reliable machines.

We do not make an advertising but inform the clients about advantages that they get if they will cooperate with OOO «SiF» for construction of industrial, public, commercial properties:

  • observance of process requirements during project execution;
  • ensuring of work safety at high level in accordance with law without reduction of construction speed;
  • strict observance of contract provisions and client’s requirements;
  • professional work with documents;
  • prompt solution of non-standard tasks;
  • qualified informational support –any changes in design documents, work schedules are agreed with the client, consultancy with profile specialists;
  • transparency – provision of reports at any cooperation stage;
  • individual approach to each Client – detailed working out of contracts, attractive price for services.

We as general contracting company are guarantors of professional execution of any construction or reconstruction project with high quality in due time and we are fully responsible for arrangement and execution of all the construction works.

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+7 (812) 240-80-64


+7 (812) 240-80-64